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DomoGeo makes quality housing affordable for the working poor while delivering attractive returns to investors.

1. Our flexible designs enable home-based work and income generation - the house pays for itself;

2. Our innovative, sustainable technology and materials reduce construction time by 80% and cost by 30%;

3. Our unique financing product offered through partner financial institutions (FIs) gains entry to a 7.8 million customer base in India and Bangladesh alone.

DomoGeo can double the disposable income of a family and significantly accelerate their asset-building rate in just four years. We make quality housing affordable for the working poor, while delivering attractive returns to investors.

The Context Down

UrbanNever before in history has the world witnessed such a rapid growth in urbanization. With 1 billion people living in substandard housing, and thousands joining them every day, we are sitting on a social time bomb that is ticking away quietly in many overcrowded, poverty-stricken corners of the world.

In the developing world decent, affordable housing and productivity are inextricably linked. The world’s poorest people live in substandard housing without access to clean water or sanitation, often in severely overcrowded conditions. All of this leads to greater disease, loss in productivity and lower income; perpetuating the cycle of poverty and vulnerability from generation to generation.

Approach Down

DomoGeo's proposed housing offering is aimed at addressing the supply and financing aspects of affordable low-income housing through locally manufactured, eco-friendly, modular houses priced as low as $500.

DomoGeo stands out from its peers by seeking to create an affordable housing “ecosystem” that integrates local financial institutions, manufacturers, and community based enterprises, while establishing a profitable, scalable, market-driven value chain. 

The customizable and portable multi-purpose design provides a dwelling space, as well as a space for integrated home-based microenterprise and rental activity. The integrated multi-purpose design enables the home to self-finance itself through additional income.

Client Need and Characteristics Down

WomenThe preliminary target customer base is families living in peri-urban* areas who are making $5-15/day.  They are employed (waged or semi-formal) and have an existing relationship within an MFI or credit history with a financial institution. They desire to accumulate assets in addition to income generation. They want to incrementally built their home to match their financial capacity. They don’t want long-term loans and over indebtedness. They want a multi-purpose house, where they can generate income from the use of home so that they will minimize the net new spend on housing.

Our Housing Offering Down


The component based, modular house is made of sustainable materials and have the following features:

  • Affordability; starting from $500 up to $2,500 per module ,
  • Durability: 25+ year life span expecting more than 30 years
  • Customization: individual and cultural customization of design to local needs and aesthetics,
  • Installation; easy to assemble, maintain, disassemble and transport; assembly will take a maximum of 2 days by one skilled or four unskilled  people,
  • Expansion; modular in design so units can be combined to meet unique family requirements allowing horizantal or vertical expansion over time,
  • Carbon foot-print; minimal impact to the environment through usage of eco-friendly and sustainable materials (e.g., sustainable timber, laminated bamboo). An eco-pragmatic approach is taken in terms of materials used. Sustainable resources will be utilized in balance with functionality, durability and cost requirements.
  • Preventative healthcare; integrated water catchment, water filtration and sanitation systems.

The Financial Side Down

DomoGeo aims to lower the major financing and affordability obstacles through:

  1. Smaller loan amounts and shorter repayment period of 1-3 years; increasing customer affordability; eliminating MFI asset/liability mismatch; reducing default risk associated with long term housing loans,
  2. Complete control over the dwelling standards through modular, lego-style model; minimizing the technical assistance required by the MFIs, other financing schemes and NGOs during the building process; minimizing associated operating costs; maximizing the economic, social and healthcare benefits through consistent implementation of the unique housing design,
  3. The modular house itself acting as collateral; creating alternative collateral structures through cash-flow based credit risk assessment; eliminating the need for land titles; using savings and insurance programs to handle defaults and only at extreme cases executing the default collateral policy.
  4. Self FinancingSelf-financing loans through a) rental income generated by leasing a modular unit, for commercial or residential purposes, b) lowering the housing maintenance costs related to the home-based business, c) providing additional space to expand the home-based business or coupling the housing loan with an income generating business loan.

Social, Economic Environmental Benefits Down

UrbanDomoGeo's housing solution makes economic, social and environmental sense because it:

  • fills the gap between affordable housing and  low-risk housing microfinance
  • increases the wealth of the household through self-financing assets and income-generating business opportunities
  • serves as a preventative healthcare measure due to integrated clean water/sanitation facilities and improves the productivity of the household
  • strengthens the financing institutions’ portfolio as well as their social impact
  • allows affordable and sustainable housing while minimizing the impact to the environment