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The Singapore Biennale opened one week ago, and we're so excited by the buzz that DomoGeo's architect and Product Development guru, Eko Prawoto, is generating that we just have to share. designboom, which bills itself as the world's first web-based art, architecture and design magazine, has some great photos of Eko's Wormhole installation, including a fabulous interior shot that helps those of us not in Singapore imagine what it's like to walk through the conical bamboo structures. But what's really cool is the press around Eko's approach to architecture, design and community in the developing world—something dear to our hearts here at DomoGeo. The Jakarta Globe has a great feature about Eko's approach to art and architecture, and goes into detail about Eko's award-winning work rebuilding the Indonesian village of Ngibikan, which was destroyed in the 2006 Yogyakarta earthquake. A quote from the paper: Eko said that after the earthquake, outsiders looking at the situation might have …

Our Architect Is An Artist

DomoGeo's multi award-winning architect, Eko Prawoto, has been busy in Singapore for the past two weeks, installing a commissioned work for the Singapore Biennale. Here's his final product, titled Wormhole.   Installed in front of the National Museum of Singapore, Wormhole's dramatic bamboo walls invite the public to leave busy urban life behind, and enter into an encounter with nature. Inside, visitors feel themselves slow down. They view clouds passing above, and are enveloped in the smell and texture of the all-natural, volcano-like structures. This isn't Eko's first encounter with the art world - he's exhibited other installations internationally, including presentations at the 2002 Gwangju Biennale as well as in Australia, Europe and Japan, and commissions by the Esplanade (Singapore) in 2011 and 2012. His artistic work is a far cry from what Eko does for DomoGeo,  but there are some similarities. Eko's art was made using bamboo, and his entire architectural practice is …

A House that Makes Money

A few weeks ago, DomoGeo's CEO and founder, Hasan Alemdar, was approached by Eidi Cruz-Valdivieso of Poder Civico, who had been hearing about the good work we're doing. Eidi invited Hasan to apply for their $100,000 Gifted Citizen prize, to be awarded this November. Hasan was reluctant to promote himself as 'gifted', but the rest of our team convinced him that to walk away from $100,000 in grant money would be, well, the opposite of gifted. For those of you new to our organization, we provide hard-working families at the 'bottom of the pyramid' with an affordable, sustainable, quality house from which they can run a home-based business. Our houses currently cost around US$1000, and the goal is to get that down to $500. Our grassroots entrepreneur clients  receive short-term, low-cost loans from our local financing partners, and in as little as five years are able to pay off their house, …


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